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G9138 is an efficient and versatile product developed by SDLG after investigating the Indian market demands. The high-speed G9138 Motor Grader can complete ground levelling, spreading, shaping, slopping, cutting & clearing with ease and at the same time being the most fuel efficient grader in its class.

It has delivered excellent results for a wide range of projects such as highways, airports, defence engineering, road construction and general construction projects.

  • Power your long term profit
    Choosing a SDGL G9138 Grader will give you a machine and a partner, Whom you can trust. Precision and reliability is the continuous process for SDLG and the result is G9138. The classic combination of the power, the Speed, the manoeuvrability are the results of environment-friendly BS III Engines, ZF Transmissions. SDLG axels coupled with superb hydraulics and excellent sealing system. It is a state-of-the-art machine that gives you higher profitability and productivity.
  • BS III low-emission engine
    The BS III engine is environment friendly. The Engine is known for its low fuel consumption and low emissions as per ARAI standards. The engine is designed to reduce sound level in the cab to ensure even better operator comfort and performance. G9138 motor grader having variable HP controls switch, selects high, mid and lower power according to the job requirement. The Turbo charged, low emission, high-performance engine and its Electronic engine control unit regulates fuel for optimal performance in all operating conditions. Cruise control comes as standard and is unique to SDLG Graders in its class.


  • Transmission
    ZF Electronically controlled ZF6WG158 Fully automatic Transmission with manual over ride is proven for fast and efficient work cycles. Equipped with 6 forward / 3 reverse for efficient grading.
  • Axles
    SDLG Axles are an integrated part of the drive train. It adopts the strengthened driving axle featuring top class technology and performance. It provides greater bearing force, machine stability and reliability.
  • Large Drawbar Pull
    The BS III engine features output power of 111KW (150HP) and high torque along with the high operating weight, the G9138 produces a high drawbar pull which makes it a perfect machine for heavy duty grading jobs.
  • Hydraulic System
    Patented hydraulic control mechanism is adopted, which makes the operation more operator friendly, higher production and increased reliability. Working pump matched with the engine power greatly increases the production efficiency. Improved seal structure adopted for the whole hydraulic hoses increases the sealing reliability.
  • High Stability
    The SDLG grader comes with an excellent weight distribution on the front and rear wheels. Major weight distribution of the rear, which gives the machine power and traction and less weight is on the front axle, which gives the machine control. The weight distribution ratio is matched so that additional Counter weights are not required to balance the machine. G9138 is equipped with large blade force to ensure easy penetration, thus reduces number of passes.
  • Articulated Frame
    The G9138 is equipped with 25 degree articulated frame coupled with minimum turning radius of 6.5 meter helps the operator to manoeuvre this machine according to the situation. Straight frame with articulation ensures quality of grading and sharp turning. Articulation Indicator inside the cabin helps the operator to keep the machine in straight line.
  • Comfortable work place with Excellent Visibility
    SDLG provides excellent work place for the operator. The ROPS/FOPS certified Air-conditioned Cabin is ergonomically designed and ensures High visibility and comfort for the operator to ensure higher production.
  • Drawbar, Circle and Moldboard
    • The excellent drawbar design allows the addition of optional mid-mount scarifier without compromising the blade positioning in extreme reach positions.
    • The circle is capable to take high stress loads.
    • The 12 feet moldboard provides maximum curvature with mechanically controlled moldboard tilt, helping in grading all types of soil efficiently.
    • The blade can be positioned according to the desired bank cutting angle upto 90 degrees on either side.
    • The high blade rotating speeds allow faster production and reduces number of passes.
  • Front Mounted utility dozer blade
    An optional utility dozer blade is available