Speed is nothing without direction. With clear vision, plan and purpose however, businesses can build momentum in no time. “Small steps in right direction are better than big steps in wrong direction,” says Sanjeev Gaur, Director, S&P Infrastructure Developers Pvt Ltd. “Particularly in road projects – here you need to double-check first, get every little detail right before you start. Then, everything moves fast...on autopilot. That’s how we have built 8,000 kms of good roads in two decades.”

Headquartered in the National Capital, S&P Infrastructure Developers Pvt Ltd is one of the fastest growing infrastructure companies in the country with a proven track record in road building. Over the years, the Company has undertaken and delivered challenging EPC contracts across geographies. “North, south, east, west... we have been there, done our best,” says Sanjeev Gaur. The Company relies on enhanced construction techniques, cutting-edge equipment management and its team of seasoned professionals to deliver quality projects.

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Right Partners - For All Reasons

Among the various equipments employed by S&P Infra in their daily operations is a fleet of 20 Volvo machines. They include a range of excavators, soil and tandem compactors and pneumatic rollers. It’s a complete set hard at work on diverse terrains across the country. “With the right road machinery, every project becomes a masterpiece in its own right,” says Sanjeev Gaur, “And our Volvos ensure that. They are just perfect for our people, our customers... and our business.”

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According to him, Volvo road machines score better on every parameter – efficiency, productivity, reliability, operator comfort and above all, cost-effectiveness. He believes Volvo machines make it easy for his Company to execute the toughest projects on time, and to complete satisfaction. “Actually, with Volvo machines it’s a win-win for us,” he says. “We retain existing customers and keep adding new ones!” He makes special mention of features standard to all Volvo Equipments – advanced design, robust construction, best-in-class fuel efficiency and total safety controls.

Setting an Example, Together

At the core of S&P Infra’s operations is an abiding aspiration – to set an example in safety and sustainability for others to follow. “The way we see it, nothing is right unless everything is right... for our people and the environment,” says Sanjeev Gaur. “The Volvos complement our efforts best – most fuel efficient and operator friendly.” He is delighted with the service provided by local dealer, Alpha Technical Services Pvt Ltd. “It’s complete support in every respect – and we get it all with a simple call!”

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As the country takes giant strides in infrastructure development, S&P Infra is at the forefront ready to rise to the challenges ahead. The Company is taking its road building expertise to new geographies deep in the North East and down South in Tamil Nadu. And in the states of UP, Bihar and Jharkhand, it is actively pursuing new highway projects and other infrastructure building opportunities. “We may be twenty years in business but we will always be in a hurry to grow – without cutting corners, of course,” says Sanjeev Gaur. “And with Volvo by our side, there are no limits to how far we can go.”