Road building may be all science. Building great roads however, is an art. It involves aesthetics, skills and passion for perfection, apart from the usual meticulous planning, preparation and monitoring. “Getting that flawless, smooth finish is never easy,” says Bhoop Singh, Managing Partner, Bharat Construction Company. “And getting it right each and every time? All the more difficult! That’s what separates the men from the boys in this business.”

Based out of Yamunanagar in Haryana State, Bharat Construction has been building roads for decades. Over the years, the Company has distinguished itself as a Road Builder capable of delivering the most challenging projects on time and to complete satisfaction of customers. “Our operations are powered by world-class, eco-friendly technologies and guided by people who simply won’t rest until it’s delivered as it should be,” says Bhoop Singh. Project life cycle management and best business practices are integral to every project the Company undertakes for its customers.

Different From the Rest

Assisting Bharat Construction in day-to-day operations is a fleet of ten Volvo Excavators and Compactors. The machines are at work at various projects across North and North East of the country. “Reliability is the key to success in this business,” says Bhoop Singh. “And no machine matches Volvo in reliability.” He points out his Volvo 210B Prime Excavator has clocked 15,000 operating hours without a single major failure. According to him, Volvo equipments are technologically superior and perform as well consuming less fuel compared to other equipments in the market.

It is this rare mix of optimum productivity, reliability and fuel efficiency of Volvo machines that, he believes, helps his Company maintain the competitive edge. “Money saved is money earned in this business and Volvos clearly are the best bet,” he says. “Operating costs are lower, machine uptimes significantly higher, and projects get completed faster and better!” Bhoop Singh is very particular about service support and he is delighted with the efforts of local Volvo CE Dealer, Alpha Teknisk Pvt Ltd. “They have stood by us through the years, ready with solutions – we trust them totally.”

Together, Nothing But the Best

As a matter of policy, Bharat Construction recommends Volvo equipments to its sub-contractors across projects. The Company sees twin benefits arising out of this move – a positive impact on project value chains in the short term, and over the long haul, a boost to Company’s steadfast mission to promote sustainable infrastructure. “It’s like this - when our sub-contractors use Volvo machines it ensures total quality and timely completion of projects. Plus it assures overall cost effectiveness because the Volvos help save a lot on fuel and maintenance costs. And finally, when our entire supply chain adopts world-class eco-friendly Volvo technology, it perfectly fits into our abiding commitment of doing nothing but the best for the environment,” explains Bhoop Singh.

Apart from Road Building, Bharat Construction is also active in civil constructions and other infrastructure works. Armed with a proven track record, the Company is ready to seize every opportunity in the emerging tidal wave of investments across the Indian Infrastructure Sector. It is looking to the future with renewed hope and enthusiasm. As Bhoop Singh sums it up, “There has never been, and perhaps will never be, a better time in Indian Infrastructure than now. So, as they say, the best is yet to come. For us, for our customers, for the entire country, and I am sure, for Volvo.”

Bharat Construction Company and Volvo – Similar by nature and character

Bharat Construction trusts Volvo Equipments to build great roads in time for its customers in North and North East of India